Movement for Life Massage, LLC


Lorelei’s (LMT) Comment...Very good job, excellent touch. Massage was very personalized and appreciated!

Bob from Chandler... Nice Job the pressure was right on the money and consistent, very relaxing!

Vanessa from Tempe...Relaxing, facial was nice, good pressure especially on the neck.

Jeana from Scottsdale...Very nice job, you really zeroed in on my troubled spots.

Christina from Mesa... Excellent massage, pressure was excellent and you really listened to me. Can't thank you enough!

Joe from Miami, Fl. ...Good pressure throughout. Especially good work on the feet-no wonder you are specializing.

MaryJo's (LMT) Comment...Very good massage nice pressure very good scapula work.

Rachel from Phoenix...The session was wonderful. Thank you for checking about pressure regularly.

Thomas from Phoenix...Wonderful, you are one of the talented ones for sure it was a pleasure.

Rachel from Gilbert...One of the best massages I have had yet. Actually listened to what I wanted and did a great job checking in with me to see how I liked the pressure.

Susan from Ahwatukee...Thank you, you will be a very successful massage therapist. I feel rejuvenated!

Neil from Phoenix...You have skill, talent, empathy and drive, Thank you for your help!

Danielle from Phoenix...Excellent, very innate sense of energy and healing

Reid from Mesa...That was freaking awesome! Thank you for working out the stress in my lower back and the knots in my calves and quads. You are an Excellent Massage Therapist!!

Donna from Chandler...Outstanding, technical and great communication!